Luxury Interior with a Beautiful Woman

Interior Designer Kathleen Walsh

Luxury Interior with Beautiful Woman Kathleen Walsh

Kathleen Walsh shows that she did not begin her study of interior architecture and had never intended to create his own company.
However, with years of full-time work, freelancing, earning his MBA fall in love and now raising two daughters, his insatiable drive to overcome challenges prove that one can really do something. Today, after 11 years in the interior architecture of the industry, it is flourishing in the pressure to thrive the competition and the changing city of New York.

Walsh shares with us that “listening to your stomach” can indeed be the best tool you have and for young and full of dreams, she believes that it is important to take the quality of time and figure out what Bring you into this world.

When designing, incomparable talent Walsh identify which customers are happier, through his leadership, the concept of education and the ability to listen closely, eventually forging individuals to stamp their own stamp on the places they call home. With passion and humility, he reaffirms the importance of constant growth and to ensure that each new project is much better than the other.

Walsh is an all-in or any kind of woman’s force and instilled in his business, regardless of the challenge, there is a solution.
ASK: Tell us a little Kathleen Walsh as a person and designer.

KW: I’m a girl from the city, I’m a Brooklynite. I came to Brooklyn Pratt to visit in 1991, and I did not go. I really like Brooklyn. But basically, I’m a New Englander, a Yankee! I grew up somewhere deep in a small town up this mother of New England with a flair of the city.

I am a working mother who means a lot to me and I have two girls who are three and six years and I always wanted to, while working as a mother. My hope is that I can show them that you can actually be both, even if this does not always work perfectly, but it can work in any case.

I am a thinker, I am a problem solver for and I find 100 ways to really solve a problem. But at the end of the day I’m a probe. One of the things that makes me a good designer is that I am always looking for intuitive responses of my clients to the things things they can not control. I am always attentive to their answers and I present their ideas, which they may not have recognized, could be options for them.

If I can evoke these reactions, then I know that we are on the right track and I know that they end up like what I and my team can do for them.

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