Luxury Interior with a Beautiful Woman

Kathleen Walsh

Kathleen Walsh

ASK: Have you always been fascinated by the design of a child? How was your childhood?

KW: Well, I really experienced a strange moment when I was five years old, and I thought I’d become an attorney. I really have no idea why I wanted to be a lawyer, but I did. First of the 7th class, when I really interested in Mode design and if you grow up in a small town and you all look the same, start thinking about the different ways.

When I was growing up, the interior decor was not familiar knowledge, it was only for a certain part of society. Yes, everyone wanted their houses to look nice and all their pineapple door knockers had, but it was not really the environment where you know that the interior architecture might actually become a career.

Fortunately I went to a high school that had such a wonderful art program and I had a fabulous teacher who worked with me and helped me to refine the direction of art and design that I wanted to go. I am always grateful for this and I honestly do not know if I would be where I am today without this orientation.

I always remember the reorganization of furniture and my mother enjoyed the decoration as we liked to go to open houses in the neighborhood and see how others compiled their houses.

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